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3 Mistakes Baby Boomers Make When Planning for Retirement

Putting Too Many Eggs in one Basket

Building wealth and security to live a successfully in retirement means accumulating assets while you work that can produce income for you when you retire. But doing so is not easy. As an investor you are bombarded by “advice” from…

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Not Matching Guaranteed Income with Known Expenses

Being exposed to market volatility is not bad if you have matched your portfolio to the time period you are investing for. When your 30 years old, do you care if your investment portfolio goes down 25% in one year?…

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Underestimating the Impact of Inflation on Costs, Especially Healthcare, Over Time

While inflation has been historically low for the past decade, inflation is a top concern for all retirees. Inflation is historically about 3% per year and that means, over the course of a 20-year retirement, everything you buy will more…

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